Revolutionizing Water Transportation: The Collaborative Creation of the Hyke Vessel  

The Hyke vessel, pictured here in Fredrikstad, is the cumulation of years of hard work and collaboration between industry experts. The result is a timeless product and pioneer in sustainable and smart transportation and a testament to the ingenuity and collaboration of great minds across industries. 

Hyke - Shuttle - Winter landscape Oera - Low q

Hyke began as an idea from Bård Eker, a designer and entrepreneur from Fredrikstad, Norway. Having grown up as a passenger on the city ferries in Fredrikstad, Bård recognized the untapped potential for innovation in the ferry industry and observed the need for a more energy-efficient solution. Thus, the idea for the Hyke vessel was born – a forward-thinking, sustainable upgrade to the Norwegian ferry system that is applicable worldwide.  

Since the original idea, three companies: Eker Design, Hydrolift, and Hyke, have collaborated to produce the final product seen today. Eker Design, with its 30+ years of experience and credited attention to detail, created the modern and functional design of the Hyke vessel and pontoon. Construction of the Hyke vessel is led by Hydrolift, a pioneer in luxury electric boating. Thanks to the collaboration of Hyke, Eker Design, and Hydrolift, the Hyke vessel proudly stands as a symbol of Norwegian innovation and a testament to the power of teamwork. 


Shuttle 0001 is located in Fredrikstad and will begin passenger operation in January 2024. Visit the vessel in Fredrikstad to experience the future of waterborne mobility for yourself!

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