Hyke & Rødne are Joining Forces to Deploy Zero-Emission Boat Transportation Across Norway

Ending 2023 on a positive and prospective note, Hyke and Rødne Trafikk AS have entered a partnership agreement to enable the implementation of the Hyke zero-emission vessel across Norway. The Norwegian companies, Rødne and Hyke are joining forces in a collaborative effort to advance the shared goal of ensuring sustainable, accessible, and innovative waterborne transportation.

Hyke is on a mission to help cities solve pollution and congestion problems by introducing a re-imagined waterborne transportation system. Our solution is the Hyke vessel, a state-of-the-art fully electric ferry filled with intelligent features. We’re at the forefront of creating a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and enjoyable transportation experience. Hyke is a member of the Eker Group, Norway’s leading industrial design and product-development company with over 35 years of experience, including Hydrolift, the recognized leader in professional and pleasure boats.


With over 60 years of experience and services across Norway, Rødne brings to this partnership expertise in vessel operation and a depth of understanding in how to provide passengers with a unique transportation experience. Rødne is committed to a high standard of sustainability and has reduced its emissions by 75% through investment in renewable practices and low-emission vessels. Now, in continuing towards their goal to be a leader in eco-friendly boating, Rødne and Hyke are partnering to deploy zero-emission ferry transportation across Norway.

This collaboration stands as a testament to the pivotal role of partnership in advancing Norway’s journey towards sustainable transportation. Together, Hyke and Rødne are taking an important step to make sustainable waterborne transportation easily accessible for locals and tourists, alike.

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Contact us:

Hyke – Kristine K. Fjetland, kristine@hyke.no, +47 47 67 15 25

Rødne – Lars A. Rødne, lars@rodne.no, +47 51 89 52 70

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