Most of the world’s cities are located by rivers and coastlines. From the Seine in Paris to the Nile in Cairo, waterways have served as a vital medium for the transportation of goods, people, and livestock. Today, as cities grapple with increasing congestion and limited land availability, we at Hyke believe it is critical to shift more transport back to the water. Doing so will free up space on land and make waterfront locations more accessible to all. To accomplish this, we must dramatically improve the economic and environmental performance of waterborne transportation systems.

At Hyke, we have gone back to basics, designing and engineering marine solutions from the keel up to be cheaper, better, and cleaner than land-based alternatives. We achieve this by combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric, attractive design to create a solution that increases utilization for all applications. Our principles include designing for standardization and mass production, allowing the solution to be more financially competitive. Beyond increasing ferry adoption, we also aim to enable new business models that help services scale without exhasuting public funds.


We do not work alone. We partner with other ambitious, innovative, and sustainable organizations to solve global challenges together. A great example of this is with the SAMS Norway industry cluster that is focused on achieving progress in smart mobility and transport systems. Interested in working together to help your organization or city achieve similar goals? 

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At Hyke, we are expanding the potential of urban mobiilty by modernizing waterborne transportation. Our goal is to make ferries safer, cleaner, and more efficient so that they can take on a larger share of cities’ urban mobility and logistics jobs. From our home base in Norway, the land of Fjords, we aim to bring our collective and cultural expertise in marine transportation and boat-building to the world.

Hyke is a spin-off from Eker Group, Norway’s leading innovation powerhouse with over 35 years of industrial design, product development, and boat-building success. It is born out of a collaboration between the Eker Group and the city of Fredrikstad, which has operated city ferries for centuries and is looking for a way to reduce costs. Fredrikstad’s city ferries are loved by locals and visitors alike, transporting 1.5 million passengers in 2019—that’s about 20 journeys for every resident of the city. Through Hyke, we aim to bring this ferry solution to the rest of the world.

Hyke operates out of the Eker Werks office in Oslo, Norway.

The Leadership Team

Halvor Vislie
Chief Executive Officer

(+47) 976 40 446

Kristine K. Fjetland
Sales & Business Development

(+47) 476 71 525

Ola Hjukse
Chief Product Officer

(+47) 915 54 648

Bård Eker

(+47) 906 91 194

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Redefining urban mobility requires input from various stakeholders, from city authorities and developers, to destinations and residents. If you’re passionate about the topic of mobility and how we can increase the utilization of waterways as transport, we’d love to hear from you.

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