the next generation of waterborne mobility is here

As our cities grow, so does the need for a more effective mobility system—one that also addresses road traffic, pollution, and land use efficiency. Introducing Hyke, a cleaner, smarter, and modernized take on ferries.

We work with local operating partners to make waterborne transportation more economical and environmentally-friendly. By creating accessible shortcuts across waterways, our goal is to revolutionize everyday transportation while enabling the development of more sustainable and connected cities.


It’s time to upgrade ferries into the modern world. Our vessels feature a welcoming and accessible design, a lower capacity to increase deployment flexibility, and are electric to reduce city noise and operate emissions-free.

Combined with intelligent dockside charging solutions and smart technology that simplify operations, Hyke embodies what mobility in a smart city is all about.


Changing the way we move requires everyone to work together. Are you a destination location, property developer, or ferry operator looking for a better mobility solution?

Perhaps you’re a thought leader or part of a technology cluster that wants to improve mobility or smart technology. If so, let’s have a conversation about how we can achieve our common goals.


Reinventing Waterways  

April 17th is a notable day as we launch our Hyke Shuttle route in Fredrikstad – a symbol of innovation and a testament to our commitment…

Collaborative Pilot Project with Fredrikstad Municipality

The Municipality of Fredrikstad’s decision to test the old ferry route between Bekkhus and Vaterland with the Hyke Shuttle 0001 demonstrates a commendable commitment to innovative…

Hyke & Rødne are Joining Forces to Deploy Zero-Emission Boat Transportation Across Norway

Ending 2023 on a positive and prospective note, Hyke and Rødne Trafikk AS have entered a partnership agreement to enable the implementation of the Hyke zero-emission…

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