Build your city’s Smart City reputation
Enhance your city’s brand with a cutting-edge mobility solution. Our modern, solar-powered, autonomous ferry and dock system helps your city stand out with an innovative yet environmentally-friendly transportation service. Plus, the technology is future-proof, enabling it to serve your city for years to come.

Free up roads and reclaim the waterfront
Reduce congestion, pollution, and demand for road infrastructure in your city and breathe new life into previously unreachable waterfront locations. Hyke’s flexible ferry network enables people to skip traffic and take shortcuts across the river without building new bridges or roadways.

Make your destination more accessible and affordable
Give your visitors and employees a cleaner and cheaper alternative to driving or transiting. Hyke’s autonomous, electric ferries are designed to be accessible for all audiences, including those with limited mobility.


Set your properties apart and attract the right crowd
Elevate your property with a unique, cutting-edge mobility option. Our modern, solar-powered, autonomous ferry and dock system helps you differentiate and attract high-value clientele.

Increase the land value of your waterfront properties
Boost the value of your location by improving accessibility and mobility with a ferry service tenants will want to use. Meet your sustainability and mobility requirements while freeing up would-be parking space for more profitable uses.

Turn around a property faster and with confidence
Get permission to develop and put your property on the market faster with a transportation concept that is ready to implement and future-proof. We back you up with 35+ years of Norwegian boat-building expertise and provide support for your proposal.


Proudly pioneer and deliver a cleaner, more affordable transportation service
Let’s change how people want to move around a city. Build up a network of smart, solar-powered, electric ferries and charging jetties with us (and our 35+ years of boat-building experience) as your partner.

Reduce your operating costs with a smarter ferry service
Become more cost-efficient with autonomous marine technology. You’ll be able to operate vessels with less staff thanks to smart fleet management software and navigation choices that save you money.

Easily scale operations with Hyke’s modular approach
The number one blocker to ferry transit adoption? Frequency. Easily adjust the deployment of lower-pax vehicles depending on need, and work with infrastructure partners to scale up when demand grows.


On a mission to implement, innovate, or advocate for sustainable mobility solutions? We are in the same boat. Reach out to discuss potential applications, access data and stories to support your messaging, or leverage our operational technology for R&D. Let’s collaborate for a better future.

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