Fully Charged Show Explores Hyke Vessel in Fredrikstad

The Fully Charged Show recently paid us a visit in Fredrikstad, Norway to get to know the Hyke Vessel and to learn about our vision. During their visit, Imogen Bhogal and team took a trip on the Hyke Vessel where they experienced the smooth, futuristic, and serene experience of riding with Hyke.  

This episode of Fully Charged gives a close-up look of the Hyke vessel design, functionality, and a look into the future of waterborne mobility. Imogen explains succinctly why the Hyke vessel is more than just a ferry: “It is giving us a version of the future, which is normally only depicted in movies, so that we can experience cities in the way they should be experienced, and for that reason, it feels so much more significant than just a ferry.”

Thank you to Imogen and the Fully Charged team for capturing the elegance of Shuttle 0001 and for helping to spread the word of Hyke’s vision for the future of waterborne transportation!

Watch the video below

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