Reinventing Waterways

April 17th is a notable day as we launch our Hyke Shuttle route in Fredrikstad – a symbol of innovation and a testament to our commitment to sustainable transportation. This is just the beginning of what we anticipate will be an extensive international venture.

Transforming Urban Mobility

Integrated with our cutting-edge autonomy system, the Hyke Shuttle signifies a major leap forward in the transportation of people and goods. It’s designed to thrive especially in urban environments where traditional infrastructure is under strain. This collaboration is not only a trial of cutting-edge technology but a potential catalyst for economic growth and sustainability in urban areas. 

Collaboration and Local Impact

We are profoundly grateful to Fredrikstad Municipality for partnering with us in this pilot project, which we believe will serve as a blueprint for other cities looking to harness their waterways for efficient public transport. By situating Hyke Shuttle production in Fredrikstad, we are not only bolstering local employment but also supporting regional businesses, creating a ripple effect of economic and environmental benefits.


We want to express our sincere appreciation to all dedicated employees at Eker Group for their exceptional contributions. The combined efforts of Hyke, Hydrolift and Eker Design have pushed boundaries to achieve this remarkable success. Special thanks to Fredrikstad Municipality for making this route possible.

Take a Hyke with us towards a cleaner, smarter future. Let’s transform urban transport together!

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