The waterway – the way forward for a toll-free urban growth?

The politicians in Buskerudbyen want an urban growth agreement without having to force car drivers to pay tolls. No other urban region has managed it. If Buskerudbyen is to escape toll roads, increased use of the waterway is perhaps the only possibility. The article in is a column by Jan Erik Hansen and Trond Åsheim, property developers and members of the project group for emission-free fjord and river ferries.

For centuries Drammenselva (Drammen River) was used for transporting timber from the forests to the many paper mills and other industry along the river. Today, it is a practically unused resource in the middle of the city. The planned property development of almost 20,000 new homes in this area will need development in infrastructure. To keep the net zero for car traffic, using the river for public ferry transportation can be a central contribution to reach this target.

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