Welcome to Dan Bordessa

We want to present our new partner in Hydrolift Smart City Ferries, Canadian Dan Bordessa.

Dan Bordessa becomes a 50% owner together with Eker Group and will have an active role in further developing Hydrolift and Hydrolift Smart City Ferries/Hyke. Bordessa is genuinely interested in boats and the maitime industry, and has already been a valuable resource for the company as a member of our board.

Dan Bordessa

Development and growth

“This will allow for even greater growth and development than we have had room for so far”
– Bård Eker

Hydrolift Smart City Ferries will keep benefiting from the collaboration as we have had a desire to have an active partner on the team.

Photo: Reprinted with permission from Erik Hagen, Fredrikstad Blad

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