Chief Product Officer

Cities are undergoing a transformation towards zero-emission, autonomous and shared solutions for mobility and logistics. Hyke’s mission is to accelerate this transformation by offering cities, operators, and others a complete zero-emission waterborne transportation solution.

Hyke’s beautiful all-electric ferries are designed for game-changing environmental performance, cost-efficiency, and scalability – an upgrade to any city! Our compact and cost-efficient pontoons with automatic docking and charging ensure easy deployment, reduce cost, and improve operational flexibility. Our proprietary autonomous navigation and fleet management technology ensure cost-efficient and scalable operations. And our proactive market development and deployment services help our partner customers accelerate deployment of waterborne mobility and logistics services. We work with strategic financing partners to bundle these innovations into integrated “as a service” offerings, enabling faster and more scalable deployment of waterborne transport.

We are seeing strong commercial interest for our game-changing offerings from partners and customers around the world, and are gaining traction both in Europe, North America and beyond. In November we were named by TIME as one of the World’s “Best Inventions of 2022”, and in December we were selected by the French Government to provide autonomous waterborne mobility during the Paris Summer Olympics in 2024. Our first commercial operations are coming up in the Spring of 2023, and our pipeline of opportunities is quickly growing.

To deliver on these opportunities and scale up our impact to the international market, we are looking for:

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

You will be part of the Company’s Management Team, reporting to the CEO.

Purpose – key objectives for the position:

As CPO, you will oversee initiatives across the entire product lifecycle — from customer discovery and user research to development and delivery. As a strategic leader, you will oversee a broad scope of product-related activities:

  • Product strategy
  • Product vision
  • Product design
  • User research
  • Product development
  • Securing external project funding for development projects
  • Product growth and marketing, including pricing strategy
  • Product analytics and metrics
  • Structuring the product organization
  • Interviewing, recruiting, and supervising product employees and teams

Skills needed to excel in the role: 

1. Leadership

You need excellent leadership skills to supervise and oversee the product organization. This ensures that initiatives run smoothly across internal teams, customers, and stakeholders. 

You should have extensive experience in managing and mobilizing cross-functional teams. You will facilitate communication across the company (engineers, designers, marketers, customer-facing teams, etc.) and prevent organizational silos. You will build and supervise the product management organization responsible for development, UX, and marketing. 

2. Strategic product vision

You will be responsible for the “why” of the product and what to build next. You must align the company around their overarching vision. You will ensure that individual features and products are in line with business objectives and adjust when necessary. 

3. Sensitivity to customers and users

One of your crucial responsibilities as CPO is to deeply understand the problems, needs, and desires of customers. You will ensure customer discovery necessary to build excellent product experiences, identify proper positioning in the market, and more. This due diligence leads to optimal product-market fit and positioning of our products in relation to the market and competitors.

4. An eye for data

As the leader of product, you must make objective, data-driven decisions; you must define the metrics related to product performance and track them on an ongoing basis. Some of the metrics you will keep an eye on are:

  • Revenue and profits
  • User activity and engagement with our products
  • Churn rate and retention
  • Quantitative and qualitative data required to evaluate whether products or specific features have reached product/market fit.

Formally, you probably have:

  • A Master’s or Doctorate degree in Engineering, Design, Product Management, or other related fields.
  • 10+ years’ experience with technology-powered products in a technical or commercial role.
  • Fluency in English – knowledge of additional major languages is valued. 

Apply by 28.04.2023

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